The Bellow Group was established to assist US and Asian Manufacturers in developing sales, marketing and product development strategies that will lead to profitable sales growth.

We assist US based manufacturers with product development, sourcing, marketing and sales penetration into the retail, distribution and OEM channels. And, our key relationships with many Far East vendors will provide you with the best possible costs and quality to maintain a competitive sourcing advantage.

We assist manufacturers in the Far East in penetrating the highly competitive retail and OEM channels through effective marketing, product packaging and sales development. We will work with startup as well as established high-tech manufacturers in Asia in successfully introducing technology products to the US market.

Our sales and marketing team is experienced in all areas of the sales process including OEM and direct to retail sales. Let us help you determine the best strategy for your company to maximize your product sales, marketing and profit.

The Bellow Group; Helping Companies Maximize Product Sales, Marketing and Profits!