Sales Representation

The Bellow Group provides master sales representation of your product line to the retail, system builder, OEM and distribution channels.

There are many regional and national manufacturer representative firms to choose from. So, what makes The Bellow Group different?

Unlike a typical manufacturer representative, The Bellow Group limits the number of manufacturers it represents so your product line receives the full attention and dedication it deserves. Our goal is to be viewed and function as an employee and team member without the expense. Also, because The Bellow Group has real-world hands-on manufacturer experience, not only do we understand what buyers need and want, we understand the needs, concerns and aspirations of manufacturers. We offer the benefits of a traditional sales and marketing model without the costs, learning curve, at a greatly reduced lead time to market. And, all of our training, consulting and knowledge of the industry is available to your team. When your goals become our priorities it results in phenomenal sales growth and enterprise value.